Ramsay with his 1961 Hofner Committee.



The information contained in the following chapters refers to those Hofner Archtop and Semi acoustic guitars which were  distributed by Selmer from 1958 to 1971. It is not intended to be the definitive work on these instruments, but simply an examination of the development and changes that took place during that period.

Previous books have been written about Hofner guitars, but this project is concerned purely with the Selmer archtop and semi-acoustic models The information has been compiled from references to catalogues, correspondence with Hofner, umpteen discussions with other collectors, examination of many guitars, and photographs The electrical details have been achieved by physical inspection, coupled with a fair amount of patience


Ramsay McKinnon

Glasgow, Decenber 2006




Part 1 My Story

Part 2 Model Analysis

  • Golden Hofner

  • Golden Hofner Thinline

  • Committee De Luxe

  • Committee and Committee Thinline

  • President and President Thinline

  • Senator and Senator Thinline

  • Congress

  • Club 40 & 50

  • Club 60

  • Club 70

  • Verithin and Verithin Florentine De Luxe

  • Ambassador

Part 3 Selmer Models

Part 4 General Notes

Part 5 Electrical Hardware

Part 6 Wiring Diagrams

Part 7 Dating Hofners

  • Committee

  • Committee Thinline

  • President

  • President Thinline

  • Senator

  • Senator Thinline

  • Congress

  • Club 40 & 50

  • Club 60

  • Club 70

  • Verithin

  • Verithin Florentine De Luxe

  • Ambassador

Part 8 Hofner Hunting

Part 9 Production Figures

Part 10 Example of Retail Prices UK 1961

Part 11 Guitar Gallery

Bibliography, Acknowledgements, & Conclusion








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