Part 8 Hofner Hunting


At least half the fun in collecting Hofners is down to the hunt. This can be very exciting, and indeed most rewarding for those prepared to make the effort. There are various avenues to pursue and I have listed the ones that I have used.


The Internet

If you are a computer buff then there is little I can add as you will no doubt know your way about. There are however two contacts on the Web and their sites are shown in the Bibliography.

The E-Bay auction web pages are also excellent and well worth a regular browse. There appears to be a current interest in Hofner guitars and http://www.ebay.co.uk is a place to keep a watchful eye.

Music Shops

Like everything else in life, there are good and bad shops. I have found that generally most tend to stick over inflated prices on Hofners. I think this is largely due to the old adage that if it is old it must be valuable. Unfortunately, many people selling privately are of the same opinion. Generally, I steer clear of the larger premises and am more inclined to visit rural dealers.

One big plus however in favour of the larger dealers is that some provide a guitar finding service. This can be pricey, but can be helpful if you are after a scarce model.

Local Luthiers

If you are fortunate to have a guitar repair man who deals in second hand guitars also then this can be a good source. Let him or her know of your interest in Hofners. Often, guitars are put in for repair, with a view to selling on. My local luthier was requested by a customer to dispose of a Hofner collection, some of which are now in my possession.

Free Advertisement Press

One of the best ways to add to your collection. The big advantage here is that not only do you see what is on offer, you can also place ads of your own and it is surprising just what does turn up. To be reasonably successful, you have to place your ads on a weekly basis. One final tip.....do not be afraid to extend this method to cover various towns and cities. (Loot etc)

Fellow Collectors

Establishing contact with other collectors has many advantages. Most will know of others who are interested in Hofner guitars so there is a spin off here. This is where the Internet comes into play especially now with the introduction of HOFNERHOUNDS on the Internet







Ramsay McKinnon 2006.