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The guitars shown in the gallery, represent a decade of production from 1954 to 1964. The gallery indicates the variety of archtops and semi-acoustics manufactured by Hofner during this period. Sadly, the production of these guitars reduced drastically from about 1964 onwards.


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1954 Committee Acoustic

This guitar would probably have been one of the earliest Hofner instruments to arrive in the UK. Note the absence of a HOFNER logo on the headstock. The guitar has a solid top and rosewood fingerboard, typical for the period.



1955 President Electric

Again, a very early example; the instrument is all original excepting the machineheads and sports the first generation black pick -ups with Trepholite cappings. The two small switches next to the circular control panel were featured only for a short time on both Committee and President guitars. This guitar has a solid carved top.



1957 Committee Acoustic

The serial number of this guitar just predates those listed for Selmer distributed guitars. The fingerboard on this model is ebony compared to rosewood on the 1954 Committee.



1958 Senator Acoustic

A product of the late fifties, this Senator has the uncharacteristic vertical Hofner logo used I think, only on the Senator, Club 40 and 50 guitars during 1958/1959.



1959 President Electric

Blonde and beautiful, this guitar is unchanged since it left the Hofner factory some forty years ago. I would have expected the guitar to have a laminated top as it is electric but, it has a solid carved top.



1959 Senator Electric Thinline

An early version of this model. Although the guitar has the new style headstock detail, surprisingly it does not have a truss rod. As the guitar is a 1959 model, this would accord with Hofnerís policy of not incorporating rods until sometime in 1960.



1960 Club 50

Although never really achieving the popularity of the Club 40, the 50 I feel is worthy of inclusion in a collection. I particularly like the contrast of the black binding against the blonde finish.



1960 Club 60

A mid period Club in relatively rare cherry red. I must admit to having a strong liking for the toaster type pick-ups



1961 Committee Electric

This guitar is approaching the last of the large headstock models, prior to the introduction of the smaller conventional headstock. I have often wondered why Hofner made such a drastic change in the Committee headstock other than for reasons of pure economics.



1963 Committee Acoustic

One of the first of the revamped models with smaller headstock and greater body dimension. The scratchplate on this guitar is unusual in that it is not of the clear variety normally used.



1963 Committee Electric

Another of the second generation Committees this time in brunette (sunburst) finish. This design remained unchanged until the last year of production in the early seventies, but now, double coil pick-ups were replacing single coil.




As bottom of the range, this little guitar saw fewer changes than most With the exception of the early changes described, only the headstocks and tailpieces were altered.







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