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(Mainly Past, I'm Afraid!)

Billy Fury with his Hofner Committee Archtop Guitar.

John Lennon Club 40 Bought in Hamburg but later given away to Paul McCartney.
Senator Sold at Sotherbys in 1984 for £15,500 (Now disputed.)
Hawaiian Standard Electric Lap Steel guitar played on "For You Blue"
George Harrison President His first electric guitar, replaced by the Club 40.
Club 40 George's second electric guitar, replaced by a Futurama III in late 1959 before the first Hamburg visit.
Paul McCartney Club40 John Lennon's old guitar, played before he took over bass from Stuart Sutcliffe
Three 500/1 Violin Basses First one bought in Hamburg, later stolen. Second is still in regular use by Paul. Third was presented to him by Selmers, but subsequently handed back without being used.
Stuart Sutcliffe 500/5 President Bass Bought in Liverpool 1960 with proceeds from the sale of a painting. Sold at Sotherbys in 1986 for £9,500.
Bert Weedon Golden Hofner, Committee, Deluxe, Club 50, etc, etc. The original British "Guitar Great"! Author of "Play in a Day" which was the bible for all aspiring guitarists in Britain during the 50s and 60s.
Hank Marvin Congress Hank's first "proper" guitar, bought in 1958 in Newcastle.
Buddy Holly President Purchased in London and used during his 1958 UK Tour.

Malcolm Lockyer

Congress One of the most famous UK orchestral conductors and composers during the 1960's & 70's.

Jimi Hendrix

Club 50 (1959)  It is also understood that he occasionally played a 500/1 bass.

Eric Clapton

Unidentified Hofner Acoustic EC learnt how to play guitar on a Hofner "acoustic".
Richie Blackmore Club 50 Richie's second guitar, traded in when he was 16 for a Gibson 335 prior to joining Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages.
Dave Gilmore Club 60 Bought 2nd hand in Cambridge in 1963. Replaced by a Telecaster on his 21st Birthday. Now owns another Club 60, acquired in the 1980's.
Roy Wood Colorama & V3 Solid V3 Solid replaced by a Fender Strat, before Roy's days with the Move and ELO.
Peter Frampton Club 60 Played a Club 60 in "The Truebeats" 1962/63.
Denny Wright Committee One of the original design "committee". Played in Lonnie Donnegan's band, later in the Bluegrass Boys with Jonny Duncan, and also with Dizz Dizzly.
Albert Lee President Bought second-hand in 1958 as a present by Albert's parents. Traded in for a Grazioso Futurama.

Peter Green

Senator Peter has stated that a Hofner Senator was his first "real" guitar.
Chas Hodges 500/5 Bass Joe Meek's Outlaws, then  Chas & Dave.
Tom McGuiness Club 40 Used in the Talismen, prior to his days with the Roosters (Eric Clapton), and the Manfred Mann Band.
Justin Haywood Club 60 Bought in Swindon during early 60s whilst still at school.
Big Jim Sullivan Senator Bought in Jim's early days. Replaced with a carved top Maton.
Joe Brown Club 50 Used prior to him upgrading to his famous Gibson 335.
Midge Ure Model 455 Bought in Camden Market in 1976, and played in Slik concerts.
Electric 12 string Used when in the band Salvation.
Gordon Giltrap Committee/Clubs etc Gordon collects and occasionally plays Hofners in his concerts.
Neville Martin Clubs Co-writer of "The Hofner Guitar-A History" with Gordon Giltrap. Neville is editor of Guitarist Magazine.
Dick Denny President Designer of the Vox amplifier, Dick played a President in his dance band days.
Bernie Marsden Colorama Solid Used a flower painted(!) Colorama in his early days.
Judd Proctor President Started as a British session guitarist in the 50s. Played with Ray Ellington Quartet. Early Hofner sponsor.

Diz Dizley

President Famous Canadian/UK Jazz guitarist, associated with Stephane Grappelli.
John McNally Club 60 Played on the early Searcher's records.

Frank Allen

Club 50 Another member of the Searchers, and previously a member of Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, who played a Hofner in his early days. He now has a superb Hofner collection.

The Undertakers

President, Colorama On of the great original bands based in Liverpool during the early 1960's.
Mickie Most President Played the President with the Most Brothers. Later became a famous record producer in the UK.

Steve Benbow

President, Golden UK Icon of Folk and Jazz guitar.

Rick Hardy

Congress/Committee AKA Rick Richards. He was the man who introduced Hank Marvin to Cliff Richard. He also helped John Lennon choose his first Rickenbacker!!

Pete Haycock

Nightingale, Alpha, Shorty Pete was a member of the Climax Blues Band for the full period of the band's existence. He is now a very successful solo artist.
Allan Holdsworth President Allan's first proper guitar.
Tommy Steele President/Committee Seen on many a publicity photo with a Hofner guitar.

Billy Fury

Committee Another of the UK's early rockers

Marty Wilde

Committee Marty was in at the beginning of UK Rock Music in the late 1950's.
Anthony Newley Committee Plays the Hofner in the film "Idle on Parade".
Chas McDevitt President, Committee One of the mainstays of UK music in the late 50's and early 60's.
Rick Westwood Senator, Club 40 Lead guitarist with The Tremeloes - Rick played the Hofners before acquiring his sunburst Strat.
Ray Ennis Club 40, Futurama III Lead guitarist with The Swinging Blue Jeans. Played the Club 40 between 1958 & 1962.
Ernie Shear President/Committee The lead guitar on Britain's finest early rock and roll single, "Move It" by Cliff Richard - played by Ernie on a Hofner.

Ian Samwell

President Electric Ian was a founder member of Cliff Richard's first band. the Drifters, and he was the one that wrote "Move It", the UK's first real rock n' roll song......... and still the best. 

Alex Harvey

Committee Originally a jazz musician, Alex went on to lead one of Scotland's most original and influential rock bands.
Mark Knopfler V2 Solid Mark's first guitar

Rick Parfitt

Committee Rick played a Committee in the early 60's, before joining Status Quo.
Phil Manzanera Galaxie Lead Guitarist with Roxy Muisc. The Galaxie was Phil's first guitar and he still owns it.

Os Tártaros

175 Solids Portuguese recording band from the early 1960's, with music influenced by The Shadows/Spotnics.

The Cowsills

Various Hofner semi-acoustic & bass models. US family band from the late 1960's who played Hofner instruments almost exclusively.
Joseph Reinhardt Model 456 Brother of Django Reinhardt. Played in rhythm section of many of Django's bands. Born 1912  Died 1982 in Paris. 
Luke Haines Committee Guitarist with  Brit Band, The Auters.
Davy Graham Congress British Folk-Baroque guitarist. Invented the DADGAD tuning.
The Lollipops 173 & 176 Solids  One of the top Danish recording bands during the 1960's.
Joe Strummer Verithin Used the Verithin in his pre-Clash days when playing with the 101'ers.
Giorgio Gaber Model 455 and 470 One of Italy's top singers and also a songwriter. Giorgio unfortunately died in January 2003. 
Chris Rea V3 Solid, Colorama Used in his 2005 Blue Guitars and 2008 Hofner Blue Note Projects

Paul Carrack

Verythin JS, Jazzica Current Hofner user.

Curt Smith

500/2 Club Bass C0-founding member of "Tears for Fears".

Tina Weymouth

500/2 Club Bass Founder member of "Talking Heads" and later of "Tom Tom Club" 
The Kaisers Various Hofner models Retro band from Scotland, who specialise in early 1960's style music

Mando Diao

Verithin Garage Rock Band from Sweden. Main Fan Base is Sweden, Germany, and Japan.
John Stirratt Club Bass (Current & Vintage) Bass player with the band Wilco


176 Solid German Rock Band 1993 up to present time.

Slim Dusty & Joy McKean

500/1 Bass Australian Country Singer Man & Wife Act from the '60s.

Holly Golightly

4574 Verithin, Senator Debut record released in 1995, and now touring the World!

Dionne Lennon

Hofner S3N Solid A young lady who is a singer, songwriter, musician, actress, and........just happens to be Top 10 finalist in the American Idol's song writing competition. 
Emma Thompson Verithin Played by Emma in the 1987 BBC Scotland production "Tutti Frutti".

Smoke Fairies

President, Club 40, Verythin A present-day duo who have a very refreshing approach to contemporary music.
Neil Hamilton Wilkinson Verithin Vocals/guitar/bass for Great British Sea Power
Jamie Hince 176 Solid Guitarist with "The Kills".  See Jamie talk about his Hofner 176 guitars HERE
Kevin Parker 500/1 Violin Bass Tame Impala. Kevin uses his Hofner bass for recording, as seen HERE .
Johanna Soderberg 500/2 Club Bass Bass guitarist with "First Aid Kit"


Many of the Jamaican Ska and Rocksteady tracks were cut using Hofner guitars in the 1960's & 70's.

Lyn Tait   The architect of Rocksteady Guitar used a Hofner on early records.
Hux Brown   Original guitarist with Toots and the Maytals. 
Jerry Hines   Original guitarist with the Jamaican Skatalites.
Robbie Shakespeare Hofner 500/1 Bass  
Family Man Barrett Hofner Bass  
Bertram "Ranchie" McLean Hofner 500/1 Bass  


Rick Westwood and Hofner Senator in 1957, prior to him joining The Tremeloes. 


Giorgio Gaber with his Hofner 470. (Thanks, Giovanni!)


Alex Harvey & Tommy Steele playing their Hofner Committees. (Thanks Bob.)