Welcome to the Registration Page for the Hofner Ambassador Model

(1966 to c1968)


The Hofner Committee, President, and Violin Bass Registers on this website have proved to be very popular and successful. I am therefore slowly extending the registration scheme to other Selmer distributed Hofner guitar models. 

If you fill in the details of your Hofner Ambassador guitar here, it will appear on a register located on this website within a few days. 

Please do spare a few minutes to fill in the form - it's a simple matter of picking from check boxes and drop lists, and typing in some basic information. All of the items listed (with the exception of the pot codes) should be able to be ascertained by a glance at your guitar - no complex measurements or specialist knowledge required - just a bit of observation of what's in front of you. It's for you to simply select the correct/relevant option from the drop-list in each case. 

The idea is to gauge how many were produced, over what time-span, and also to monitor some of the detail changes that the guitars underwent as the years went by. By filling in all the details on the form, you can help us build up a bigger picture, and when the information you provide is collated, you'll be able to see just how and where your guitar fits in.

At the moment, this register only deals with those guitars distributed by the Selmer UK company, and NOT the European/US marketed equivalent, the 4578 model. Please ensure that your guitar is actually a Ambassador model before filling in the form. The model name and serial number for Selmer distributed models is typed or written on a label located inside the body below the Bass F-hole. If your guitar does not have such a label with a Serial Number on it, then it is almost certainly not the Selmer-distributed model being registered. 


General Information
Hofner Ambassador Version
(model as described on body label)
Serial Number
Original Finish

Bigsby Vibrato Fitted?

Owners Name
Owners location
(County/State & Country)
Your E-mail Address
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Hardware and Electrics
Pickup Type
Location of Pickup Selector Switch
Pot Codes
See Fact File for Help finding Pot Codes
(Note: This involves removing the pots from the guitar on an Ambassador. Please don't worry about not filling this in if you understandably don't wish to do this!)
Miscellaneous Details
Type of Tuners
Type of Fret Markers

Centre Sustain Block in Body?

Type of Tailpiece
Type of Bridge
Optionally, enter some history/provenance or further information for the guitar.
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