Alrewas near Lichfield, England -  Saturday, 2nd October 2010





 The event was one long jam-session from beginning to end!



Phil Rylance, as usual, provided the bass playing for almost the entire afternoon. This year however he was showing off his recently acquired 1965 Verithin Bass.



Graham Ashley did a great job on the drums, again with hardly a break.



Nick Wass and Paul Smith - two mainstays of Hofnerhounds.



Dave Boothroyd is now our regular lapsteel guitar player at the Hofnerhounds events. Here he is playing Nick's Hofner Hawaiian Standard.



This reminds me of a similar John Lennon photo.........



These events just would not be the same without Harry Sibum, shown here playing a Verythin Standard.



Nick, Alex, and Cathy performing "Teenage Kicks".



Alex Gaeta on stage with his Hofner CT Galaxie.



Cathy Harrison getting into the swing of things...........



.............with a very appreciative audience. - Left to Right: Sandy Russell, Isobel Roe, and Sylvia Wright.



Marc Moris travelled from Belgium to sing and play us some Beatles on his rather special Hofner 4573/E3.



Dean Vermiere on the Hawaiian Standard.



Mike Phillips (far right in the photo) arrived from Vienna with his original Cavern Bass. Here Phil is shown checking it out. Mike did, eventually, get it back!



Harry just can't put down that Verythin!



A rare photo of your Website Host looking happy in front of an audience with his 1961 Hofner V3 Solid.



Derek, a local resident who had heard of the meeting just the day before, gave a great rendition of "Sweet Caroline", and accompanied himself on Phil's Hofner 190 Bass.



Harry and Steve getting down to some serious Shadows stuff.






And finally.........



Many thanks are due to :

Nick and Cathy who, once again, undertook all the organisation for this very successful and enjoyable event.  

Phil Rylance on bass and his mate Graham on drums. They produced a great backing for anyone & everyone who got onto the "stage".

The Alrewas Cricket Club for their help & hospitality, in particular Sue behind the bar.

Harry for travelling from The Netherlands, Marc for travelling from Belgium, and Mike for travelling from Vienna, plus all the other Hofnerhounds, who maybe didn't come quite as far but still had a great time supporting the event.