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Selmer offered the option of a Bigsby Vibrato Unit on all their Hofner archtops from about 1961 onwards, although some of their Hofner solid guitars, such as the first version of the V-Solids, had been supplied to special order with a Bigsby fitted maybe prior to 1961. The units fitted were actually made by Selmer in the UK under licence from Bigsby USA. 

It would seem that in most cases, Selmer initially installed the unit themselves on archtop and semi-acoustic guitars that had been received from Germany with the conventional "solid" tailpiece fitted. The fixing holes for the original tailpiece can be seen beneath the Bigsby fixing on many Hofners. However, after a year or so, some examples of models such as the Verithin and Committee, obviously considered to be appropriate for such an option, were supplied from the Bubenreuth factory with a Bigsby already fitted. These guitars usually have the word "Bigsby" included with the model name on the label inside the body.




The very few V-Solids fitted with Bigsbys had also obviously left the factory with that option in place. The standard V3 had a large cavity routed in the top of the guitar for the Hofner-made vibrato unit, and this would not have been covered up by a top-mounted Bigsby. To see an example of this model, click HERE.


The Selmer Licence-Built Bigsby Units would appear to differ from the US Bigsby units in that they have the string retainer pins fastened to the main spindle by means of screws. These can be clearly seen on the photo above. The US made units have the pins simply forced into blind holes. 

The photo below shows the ball-ends of the strings located on the string retainer pins.



The cast alloy Bigsby "rocker" bridge shown below was substituted for the standard Hofner bridges that were appropriate for the various models. This is a rather crude piece of hardware when compared to the discarded Hofner "Micro-matic" bridge units (fitted on most electric archtop models from 1963).




The option of a Bigsby Unit on a Hofner archtop in 1962 was 12gns. Bearing in mind that the price for a Club 40 guitar at that time was 28gns, it would seem that only the well-heeled were able to afford a Bigsby on their new Hofner!

Although Hofner had commenced fitting their own style of tailpiece, the Type 415 in the photo below, to their semi-acoustics from about the same period, this was never fitted on the guitars supplied to Selmer in the UK. Presumably Selmer, having acquired the licence for the Bigsby unit, wanted to move as many UK made vibratos as possible and, as Hofner were their main supplier of guitars, then Hofner had to fall into line. Something similar must have happened with the Selmer-backed and UK-made "Compensator" tailpiece. Has anyone seen a European or US market Hofner fitted with a Compensator ?? No....? But we digress........



Selmer, of course, offered all the various types of Bigsby Vibrato units as install yourself accessories, both for Hofner guitars that hadn't been lucky enough to be already so-equipped, and also for any other make of guitar. These were advertised liberally in the UK's music press, as well as in the Selmer Guitar Catalogue. A typical advert from "Melody Maker" in 1961 is shown below.




The following NOS Selmer Bigsby units have recently surfaced, still in their original packaging:


1. SELMER MODEL 3059 (Bigsby Model B6)



2. SELMER MODEL 3061 (Bigsby Model B5)


Courtesy of Marcelo Ravelo, Spain.




Many thanks to Nick Smith for his help in producing this Fact Sheet.



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